How to Embed a YouTube Video in WordPress?

Why you should embed YouTube videos in your WordPress

Embedding a YouTube video in yourweb sitewill be very helpful. For example, suppose your site deals with a complicated topic. In that case, you can ask someone to explain that topic in thevideo to simplify that means of the subject and assist your viewers understand the topic more clearly.

If you’re wondering why you should embed a YouTube video instead of just uploading the video to your WordPress, the answer is simple, storage and speed. Uploading the video directly to the WordPress editor will increase the load time and make your site cumbersome and time-consuming. This is not good because your site may crash if you have too much traffic. Subsequently, the YouTube platform and different video platforms, are a great solution.

Youtube Embade

We will guide you on embedding a YouTube video in this article. We’ll also share some excellent tips you can follow to make sure your video stands out.

  1. Open the YouTube video you wish to share on your web site.
  2. Click the share button or copy the URL from your browser.
  3. Click on the embed button.
  4. Copy the embed code.
  5. Paste the code into your WordPress editor.

Tip: While copying the embed code, you can also choose to customize the features according to your wishes—features like where you want the video to start or if you want to show the player controls.

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Embed your YouTube video with a short code

You can also embed a YouTube video on your website using a shortcode. For example, you can embed the YouTube video by writing this code:

youtube embade

Change the width and height according to what you want.

8 of the best YouTube video plugins

One of the significant aspects of the new 2.9 update of WordPress is that you don’t need to use a plugin to add a YouTube video to your site. Instead, you need a link to add the video to your site.

youtube embade

However, there are still some excellent plugins that can elevate your videos. These plugins offer features such as creating video galleries, improving privacy and consent options, lazy loading of your videos and adding social media buttons. So your viewers can share your videos.

We’ve compiled a list of our best and favorite YouTube video plugins. Unfortunately, the list you are about to read will only contain 8 of the best plugins we believe you should install. We don’t want to burden you with ten different plugins that can provide a good gallery solution for your YouTube videos. So instead, we recommend 8 YouTube plugins, each with other functions that we believe will benefit you and your business.

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  • YouTube Feed Pro da Smash Balloon

Displaying your movies in a gallery structure is a wonderful way for

 viewers to continue browsing your videos. You can also select the videos and choose the ones you want to show within the gallery. This YouTube video plugin additionallypermits you to customize features like share buttons, comments, and likes.

YouTube Feed Pro da Smash Balloon doesn’t slow down your website, which is a great extra, and it also lets you stream YouTube live videos.

Plugin WP YouTube Lyte helps upload your videos to lazy loading and ensures that your website speed is optimized. YouTube starts working only when your visitor clicks on the video thumbnail, so your website speed is optimized with the user action. The benefits are apparent when you have a video gallery. You want YouTube to demand more rate after the visitor has actually chosen a video, rather than the entire gallery weighing you down and draining your site’s resources and speed.

YouTube Subscribe Bar lets you have an easy subscription bar at the bottom of the video player. This is an excellent plugin as users will not be redirected to YouTube when they press the subscribe button; instead, they remain on your site.

The plugin from YotuWP it’s a simple plugin. This is the perfect plugin if you don’t care about anything other than embedding YouTube videos on your website. Supports video galleries and playlists. You can also embed YouTube videos from playlists, usernames, and channels. It is an excellent plugin if you are a beginner and want to provide videos to your visitors.

The name itself, WP YouTube Live, already describes well the performance of the plugin. This plugin means that you canshowlive YouTube video streams on your WordPress web site.

To configure the plugin, you will need a Google API key; once you have the key, you will receive access codes to add to your WordPress.

While not technically a plugin, but rather a theme, it focuses more on the theme than videos. However, we’ve noticed that if you have a website that displays multiple videos, you will likely want a beautiful piece to complement it. If you have a YouTube channel and want to create a website for all your videos, this is the plugin.

The plugin also offers excellent mobile design, ensuring compatibility with mobile phones.

Similar to the Videozoom plugin, the plugin Yourchannel It’s excellent if you have a YouTube channel with lots of videos you’d like to add to your new site. The distinction is that this isn’t a theme plugin.Instead, this plugin lets you fetch all your videos from your YouTube channel to WordPress and publish them effortlessly. In addition, you can arrange the videos exactly as you like, for example, in the same order as your YouTube channel.

The plugin includesa number of thefeaturestalked about above, akin to displaying a video gallery and the choice to embed videosby way of playlists and channels. Nonetheless, besides these features, the plugin provides SEO video tagging and performs a mobile compatibility check.

We hope this list of our favorite plugins has helped you get ready to grow your brand. Happy YouTube!


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