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Meet the new google function to hide personal data from the search bar

Google has released a new feature that can end up changing the use of the platform. The main internet search engine has changed its policy and will now allow all its users to hide information from the public.

The function of hiding personal data from the search bar is now available to everyone, regardless of the person’s situation. The website reported that the procedure could be done simply in a few minutes.

In addition, to understand this new function and how it performs the process, be sure to read the following article!

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What does Google’s new function mean?

With the new function of Google, it is possible to hide all your Personal Data from any search made on this portal. Therefore, people looking for you on the internet cannot find the information they want.

Before, it was possible to use this feature only when there was the possibility of Identity theft. In addition, if threats to the physical integrity of the subject are identified, it would also be possible to request the removal of the information from the internet.

However, now, everyone can do the process, giving everyone more freedom on the internet. Who does not want to risk having their data cloned, protecting their information? This can be an excellent solution to take.

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How can the procedure be done?

Deleting personal data is simple and can be done entirely online. To do this, the first step is to access the form page and provide the requested information, such as the reason for the withdrawal.

In the form itself, you can also choose to hide your data. only from a specific site or from all the others. The site-specific option is more interesting if your privacy issue is with a single portal.

However, if your interest is to hide the data on all platforms, the best thing to do is to choose so that everyone does not find it. With that, it will be almost impossible to identify you, leaving only one way to do that, and we’ll talk about it next.

Also Read: Meet the new google function to hide personal data from the search bar

The change cannot affect all portals present on the internet.

A new google function is powerful and causes your data to be hidden on most of the internet. This is because the portal is responsible for more than 92% of searches made on the internet, according to data released by StatCounter.

However, this rule of hiding data from the internet does not work with all websites. That’s because Google doesn’t have enough authority to make the information present in government portals be deleted.

Therefore, any information on public domain sites will continue to appear, even if you request that they be hidden. Other than that, these are the only exceptions since, on other sites, the rules follow the new change.

We have reached the end of our article, and we hope you have understood how Google’s new function works and how it can help you hide the desired information on the internet!


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