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How to Promote Affiliate Links on Pinterest in 2022

Pinterest is best. In addition to being an incredible platform for generate traffic and grow your email list, it’s also great for make money.

affiliate marketing has huge potential on Pinterest, considering that 64% of users describe the platform as a place to find ideas, products or services they can trust. This suggests that users are open-minded, which makes Pinterest a more effective place to reach people when they are ready to make a purchase!

affiliate market 2
affiliate market 2

What is affiliate marketing:

By definition, the affiliate marketing it’s when you promote someone else’s product and receive a commission for each completed sale. It’s a great way to make money without having to invest time (and revenue) in developing your own product.

  1. You choose a product you want to promote and recommend it through your blog, email list or social media.
  2. Then your readers buy the product through your unique URL.
  3. You receive a percentage for sales.

Why does Affiliate Marketing work so well on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a channel where users are active e committed. Today, more than 300 million people use the platform every month to seek inspiration, discover ideas and find problem resolutions. People are on Pinterest for to act search for topics of interest, and click Pins to learn more.

What makes Pinterest a profitable platform is its highly engaged audience they are not carving a personal brand and exposing their best moments, but executing plans for real life.

Here’s some interesting data that shows why it’s easy make money on Pinterest:

Pinterest market
Pinterest market

Pinterest is currently one of the fastest growing social media channels, and a look at desktop traffic in late 2018 showed that Pinterest’s top five countries are United States, Brazil, India, Turkey and Russia.

Step 1 to make money on Pinterest:

the first step is create a business account or converter your existing account.

This account type gives you access to the Analytics do Pinterest in this way, you can measure o impact of your profile e performance of your pins with affiliate links.

If you own a blog, website or mini-site, claim your domain to get access to your personal pins statistics.

Step 2 to make money on Pinterest

Commercial profile created, the second step is decide in which category you will act. As with blogs, for make money on Pinterest it is necessary to have one niche.

There are a number of categories that people most often turn to Pinterest, before they even search on Google or Instagram – hairstyles, for example, or healthy recipes.

That’s why it’s important to curate and find out if your category is well-received by Pinterest users.

10 most popular categories to make money on Pinterest

  1. Travel
  2. Health and wellness: is a viable opportunity to present products or services related to health and wellness. Indeed, the search for “healthy habits” increased in the last year by almost 500%.
  3. DIY DIY: People are more likely to make home improvements and turn to Pinterest for home decor and repair inspiration. If you work with interior design or home renovations, you will be successful!
  4. Feminine fashion
  5. Beauty
  6. Food and drink: com over 23 billion revenue and posted meal ideas, Pinterest is an incredibly popular avenue for food and drink-related content.
  7. Motivational Quotes
  8. Celebrations: When it comes to get-togethers, people turn to Pinterest as it has all the ideas they need – invitations, decorations, food, drinks, cakes, photo props and what to wear on certain occasions!
  9. Menswear
  10. Children & Parents: 56% of parents say Pinterest is the best place to learn about parenting ideas and products, and 81% say they couldn’t live without it.

Did you choose your category? Do a detailed search on Pinterest to understand how your audience searches for such subjects, and to know which topics are most searched!

Step 3 to make money on Pinterest

This is the time to choose which affiliate program you will be part.

Remember that the program needs to have the products that your target Audience demand because there is no point in setting up a profile for make money on Pinterest thinking of food and drinks but wanting to promote furniture, for example.

So make the choice wisely – both the program and the products – research the best companies on the market and pay good commissions.

How to create a profile to make money on Pinterest?

Let’s assume that you have chosen to work with the category “Food and drink”:

  1. Give your profile a clear name.
  2. write a descriptive and objective biography.
  3. Create up to 10 folders within this category which for “Food and Drink” can be: Veggie Recipes; Drinks and Cocktails; Natural juices; Fitness menu; Healthy eating; salads; Low Carb Recipes; Iced tea; Breakfast recipes; Afternoon snack recipes.
  4. Write descriptions rich for each of your folders
  5. start to re-pin popular content from other accounts.

Notice that I still I didn’t mention saving your own pins with affiliate links, why:

The biggest mistake a person can make when use Pinterest to make money is to create an account and fill it with affiliate links, because it will be spamming. In addition to being annoying for real people – because a profile like that doesn’t add anything – the practice is also frowned upon by Pinterest itself and you can quickly lose your account!

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Therefore, it is better to share other users’ pins and thus maintain a profile with quality and up-to-date content.

Here you can follow the 80/20 rule:

  • 80% re-pins from other accounts (to build a quality profile)
  • and 20% pins with your affiliate link (to generate sales).

How to create a pin that people will be interested in and click?

It’s clear that Pinterest is a visual site, so please images are the secret behind clicks and, consequently, of sales.

Notice how I managed to get 700+ people to a single post, using just one clear image is simple overlapping question:

When creating your pins keep the following points in mind:

  1. clear images it’s from high resolution are more attractive e professionals.
  2. more images clear are re-pinned 20 times more than dark images.
  3. Images no faces receive 23% but re-pins.
  4. Simple, crisp photos better enhance the message of your pins.
  5. The ideal aspect ratio of a pin is 2:3. The model of Canva (735×1102) makes creation a lot easier!

I feel obliged to mention that never, ever, under any circumstances can you take someone else’s images to use in promoting affiliate links – it’s illegal and you can get in serious trouble!

If the program does not provide material for dissemination, it is your duty to create images to publicize.

Optimize your pins so they get seen!

Pinterest is described as a visual search mechanism. So, in addition to the image, every pin needs to be optimized. Without it it won’t be found, seen or re-pinned, and that way you will not earn money.

A optimization starts with your profile name, and ends with your pin description – which is the most important part!

So, before you start to pine wildly, you need to understand best optimization practices.

Do not use shortened links on Pinterest

According to Pinterest Usage Policies you cannot use link shorteners to camouflage your link (affiliate or otherwise), this means not using Pretty Link,, etc.

Is it possible to make money on Pinterest with few followers?

Yes, it is possible to make sales even with few followers. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, the performance of a pin does not depend on the number of followers the profile has, but on optimization.

On the date of my first sale I had less than 160 followers, but that didn’t stop my pins from reaching dozens of new people.


For make money on Pinterest with affiliate links you need to choose a good program and great products to promote. In this process, Knowing your audience and what they are looking for is critical.

Furthermore, it is necessary create a completely optimized profile and build it with quality content capable of engaging your audience. If done right, your strategy will be able to convert on autopilot!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments. I will respond as soon as possible or update the post with more information.


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