7 creative ways to make money online

Currently, making money online can be the answer for those who need to have another source of income to meet their monthly expenses. According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), the average salary of the USA is $1,361. However, at the end of last year, around 900,000 workers earned the minimum wage in USA.

With the rapid development of technology, particularly in recent years, several businesses and online platforms have emerged, through which it is possible to earn some extra money. In this article, we’ve put together some examples so you can get “inspired” and define a strategy to increase your monthly income.

start a podcast online

podcasts are increasingly “in fashion”. Touted as great ways to share knowledge and opinions, they allow you, while entertaining your target audience, to earn some extra money. As for the topics of each podcast the choices are limitless.

They exist different ways to earn money with podcasts online. Namely, through the payment of a monthly subscription, brand sponsorships, use of a specific code, shared with listeners, in the purchase of sponsored products, among other ways. Bear in mind that it may take a few months to get a response.. However, if you like radio shows, you will certainly enjoy the process.

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Sell ​​your photos online

In order to successfully sell your photographs, you must start by defining the target audience. That is, who would be interested in buying them. Furthermore, you should also think about the type of photography you want to sell. For example, photographs of landscapes, animals, models, electronic products, among other possibilities. There is a market for all tastes and various online platforms where you can submit your proposals in particular, the Shutterstock, Alamy or iStock.

On the other hand, consider using social networks to share this business of yours. This is one of the ways to reach more people and increase your sales. However, it may not be a simple process. It’s not enough to just share your content and expect people to see it. Depending on the platform, there are certain requirements and actions you must take to maximize the reach of your publications. For that reason, while you should improve your photographic skills, you should also learn about the functioning of the online platforms themselves.

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Share content across platforms streaming

Currently, in USA, there are people making money from streaming platforms. Among them is the Twitch. In a similar way to YouTube, it is possible to generate income, and the most used method is the subscription of the service by the users, with the revenue reverting to the streamer. In addition, in this type of platform, it is common for users to make donations in order to support those who provide the content.

In addition to these methods, you can advertise products and, in return, receive a percentage of the purchase, if users use the code you make available to them. This, not forgetting that the platforms of streaming they also pay for the ads they view. So, if you like to play regularly, this is an opportunity to “combining the useful with the pleasant”.

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Become a tourist guide in your city

Accompany tourists and help them to know your city is another suggestion that can earn you some money. Although this idea takes place outside the home and not exactly in front of a computer, it is through an online platform that you can attract your customers. as is the case of Showaround.

If you know your city well, then start by identifying places of interest that captivate the interest of tourists. Monuments, restaurants that include typical dishes of the region, outdoor activities, or wine tasting are some suggestions. Defining a route that creates memorable moments for your customers can be that differentiating detail.

Like other online businesses, you should always consider your target audience. A particular path may be interesting for a customer, but that doesn’t mean it applies to everyone. Therefore, try to define several routes, in order to maximize your offer. remember, the variety combined with quality of experience it is fundamental.

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Create an educational YouTube channel

bet on content creation on youtube It is one of the ways to make money online. There is content for all tastes, from humorous videos to the most educational ones. Therefore, if you like a certain subject and like to teach, so creating a YouTube channel should be one of the possibilities on the table.

However, keep in mind that you won’t make money as soon as you start your channel. First, you need to fulfill certain requirements in order to “monetize” your channel. The two most important requirements to start making money on YouTube is have at least 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 viewing hours in the last 12 months.

Then you must still bet on the promotion of your channel, as well as on the image and quality of the videos. Also, as with any business, consistency is key.

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Become a freelance writer

If you like writing, why not start with share some of your texts online? This step can help you create a portfolio and make your work visible. When it comes to writing, there are many ways to make money online. In the first place, you can choose to publish your texts on a platform and that platform rewards you depending on the number of words you have written. However, in this case it has the disadvantage of not being paid exactly for the quality of your work, but for the quantity.

There are other platforms such as Medium what pay depending on the number of views and time spent by users reading their articles. The main advantage is that, like on YouTube, you win as long as there are views. In practice, you will be building passive income, as opposed to the first example where you receive the money at the moment. Still, keep in mind that passive income takes some time to become visible. Therefore, have to have perseverance, don’t give up.

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Create a mobile application

Finally, if you have programming knowledge, you can create a mobile application for mobile phones (Android or iOS). As for the possibilities of earning money, there are several ways. Depending on your application, you may or may not choose to charge an initial amount when purchasing the application at App Store.

Within the application itself, You can place ads, being paid per click or per view. This strategy is widely used in mobile video games.

In addition to these two possibilities, you can still add the functionality to buy or subscribe to services within the application itself. Although there are several ways to earn money with an application, always keep in mind the commissions you have to pay to the company that owns the platform.

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