Wix vs WordPress – Which One is Better in 2022

We can say that both options are highly recommended to create a web page. The choice mainly depends on the time and resources you want to invest.

Wix vs WordPress – Which One is Better in 2022

1) Wix: for a simple website that remains professional

The great advantage of Wix is that it is prepared so that you do not have to deal with any technical issues. They offer you the server, the databases and a lot of templates to design the web page, so you can create it yourself even if you don’t know the HTML and CSS languages.


The main advantages of Wix:

Lots of variety of design templates, more than other editing programs
Easy-to-learn drag-and-drop editor
Wix App Market Apps Available to Enrich the Web with Ease
good technical support
The main drawbacks of Wix:

Somewhat slower load times, you don’t choose the server
You cannot edit the HTML code directly, that is, you can customize the appearance of the website only to a certain extent
You do not have ownership of your website. If you decide to leave Wix in the future, you will have to start creating the website from scratch.
For more information, I invite you to consult our Wix review.

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Wordpress builder
WordPress builder

2) WordPress org: for a more complex and customizable website

WordPress org is an open source CMS or content manager. It gives you the infrastructure and some resources to publish a web page, but you have to find the server yourself and edit the HTML files.

There are also open source themes or templates that can be used, but in this case the HTML files are edited directly. Therefore, to create a website with WordPress org it is necessary to have technical skills or hire someone who does.

The main advantages of WordPress.org:

You are the absolute owner of the website you have created. You will have access to all the files and you can reuse them as you wish (if you change platforms, if you want to reuse only part of the website, etc.)
By directly editing the HTML code of the files, the creative freedom is enormous. The available templates are just a design aid, but you can change whatever you want in them (and not just a few things like in Wix).
Being an open source platform, the variety of plugins and applications is very large and continues to grow day by day, more than on other platforms.
The main drawbacks of WordPress org:

You must manage your own web hosting
If you need help creating the website, it will probably be more expensive than the one you created with Wix.
Being an open source platform, technical service must be found in forums and by hiring experts. The company does not offer it per se.

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