Top 7 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas for 2022 that Make Money

When you are starting a blog, one of the most difficult decisions is choosing your blog niche. That’s why in this article I’ll show you the Top 7 most profitable blogging niches based on the trends for this year. Let’s get started! Hi! I’m Anastasia of and on this channel, I cover my tips on blogging, Pinterest, and running an online business. share and click on the Bell button to get my future articles in your feed. This research published by RankIQ analyzed 800 blogs that were making $2000+ per month and/or getting over 50,000+ monthly sessions. The link to that research will be in the description. Here you’ll see that for median income, food and personal finance blogs were at the top of the list. The food bloggers had a median monthly income of $9,169, and the personal finance bloggers came in just a hair below $9,100. So if you ask me to start the list of most profitable blogging niches, you shouldn’t be surprised that The Food blogs are

1. on the list. It’s relatively easy to start getting a ton of traffic to a food blog. You can start with Pinterest as it can help you drive traffic much faster than Google SEO. If you want to get started on Pinterest, check out my free Pinterest masterclass. I’ll give you a link up there and in the description below. Just for inspiration, I will show you some blog income reports for each of the niches. So this food blog called MidWestFoodieBlog made over 64,000 in the first quarter of 2022, most of this income comes from display ads on her blog. The

2. top blog niche idea is anything Personal finance, and Investing in stock or Crypto In the last couple of years, all content related to investing in stocks and crypto was getting a lot of attention. With the recession on the horizon, people are still very interested in learning about investing as well as about saving money. You can check an income report on Fin Savvy Panda from March of 2021 when she made over $27,000 of which about $20,000 was her income from affiliate products. What’s interesting is that Pro bloggers making between $7500 and $25,000 per month get 33% of their income from ads and 42% from affiliates. For example, this blog in the personal finance niche made about $92,000 in the year of 2021. Of which 62,000 was the advertising income and about $30,000 was affiliate income.

And it’s true for most of the niches. I would say there is one niche that stands out from this rule because travel bloggers usually make a lot more with sponsored content than with affiliate links. One example of this is the blog Living the Dream that shows in their income report for June of 2022 that out of their $15,000 income, about $7000 was ad income and about the same amount came from sponsored content and only $1600 was their affiliate income.  But another factor of blog monetization you can hardly evaluate as a beginner is how much email marketing is contributing to the blog income. For every $1 marketers spend on email marketing $44 is made in return, according to a study by Campaign Monitor. And sending newsletter on personal finance tips or even recipes with links to your audience can earn you even more money in addition to your ad revenue.

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To Grow Your Audience Moosend gives you all the features to create, launch and optimize stunning landing pages and subscription forms, all with one tool. You can measure your marketing success and collect powerful data for better decision-making. Plus, if you’re stuck somewhere, you can learn from Moosend’s free Academy, help articles, webinars, and a dedicated support team that can definitely help you with your efforts. Again, you can sign up for a free month, no credit card is required. Use the link and create your account with any email address you plan to use for your business or blog. It doesn’t have to be an email on your domain, can be any Gmail account. In the next step you can create your login domain, essentially it’s share your username on other platforms. The next step requires you to add a company name but if you don’t have a business yet, simply add your personal name here. Your physical address is legally required for any email providers but again if you don’t have a company, could be your home address. You can also update this field later in your account settings. So definitely check out Moosend and now let’s get back to the most profitable blogging niches. Niche

3. Health and fitness Health is the type of content that will always be in demand. People will always need to take care of their health, no matter how bad or good the economy is, people are always prepared to spend money on their health. So this blogging niche, inspire of high competition, is always profitable. Check for example this blogger The Trusty Potter who made over $11,000 with a health and fitness site in September 2021. Niche

4. Lifestyle Lifestyle blogs will never be out of fashion because they are so broad and can cover any new trending topics. Check out this blog A Modern Homestead that made about $10,300 in July of 2020. Niche

5. The travel niche is coming back after the pandemic and can keep driving a lot of traffic to your blog. Check out this blog called Living the Dream which made almost $10,000 in December 2021. Niche

6. Business and software reviews Business niche and software reviews are incredibly profitable even if your traffic volume isn’t huge because you can monetize it with high-ticket affiliate products or products with recurring commissions. For example, this RyRob blog made $35,200 in March 2021. Niche

7. Home decor When you think of the home decor niche, it might not be obvious to you how profitable it can be. The reality is we all live in a home and people always want to make their homes more cozy and pretty. Furniture, new gadgets and technologies for home are typically the products in a higher price range, so as an affiliate for those products you can count on really great commissions. An example of a blog that does a good job with both display ads and affiliate links in the home decor niche is the blog called By Sophia Lee. And you can check here one of her latest income reports for May 2020 when she made $43,000. As a bonus, I’m going to surprise you with this top secret. You actually don’t have to choose the blog niche right away. In fact, there are many websites with very weird domain names that don’t reflect any specific niche. And if you are stuck, the best solution is to use some generic domain name. Something that allows you to change the niche later, experiment with different topics on the blog, or make your niche as broad as you wish in the future.

It could be your personal name or some made-up word. You know a ton of huge brands that used invented words share Google or Nestle, Adidas, Kodak, and so on. If you take a generic or invented word for your domain name, you can always change your mind about the niche later. So, you CAN make a really good income in many blogging niches, just pick the one that works best for you. If you’d share me to go more in depth about choosing the right blog niche for you share this article and comment down below: “I want to learn more!” You can also click the link up there to visit my article which will help you drive a ton of Pinterest traffic to your blog this year. Thanks for visiting!


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