WordPress Themes: The 5 Best Templates For Your Website

Check out our list of WordPress themes with great options for creating your professional website or blog with a great quality template!

If you are looking for WordPress themes for your professional blog or website, you want to build your business’s digital home correctly.

Top WordPress themes
Top WordPress themes

In other words, you want to choose a good structure to receive your visitors, providing a pleasant experience and turning this visit into an opportunity to sell your products or services.

With that in mind, I’m going to present some themes for WordPress, with free and paid options, for you to analyze and choose the one that makes the most sense for your business blog. Remember that having a good WordPress template is not a whim but an investment that can yield excellent results even in the short term.

Before you check out the options, it’s also important to know how to choose the best theme and understand which points deserve more attention, so you don’t risk wasting time and even other resources by making a bad choice.

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How to choose WordPress themes?

When it comes to WordPress themes, some points are essential to meet your needs. After all, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, a website works as the home of your internet business, and the blog helps to make people even more comfortable.

You will need to know your needs and what your target audience needs.

Understand your business needs

First, you need to understand what your website is really about. the blog needs to have. This analysis is private, do not rely on business sites that have no connection with yours or are in very different niches.

Understand what you want, what you need, what types of solutions, and what information you can’t lack to sell your items. Analyze the direct competition, and then look for WordPress templates that suit your needs.

Understand the target audience and value the user experience

In addition to understanding more about your business and your segment’s priorities, understand how you can provide a good experience for your user.

Review each template with the question: “Would my audience like to browse a site/blog like this?” or even “Does this WordPress template offer everything my users need?”.

What to consider before choosing your business WordPress template?

Top WordPress themes 2
Top WordPress themes 2


Once you understand if it meets your primary needs, if the theme has “the face” of your business, and if it also has everything your audience needs, check out other technical variables.

To choose the best WordPress theme for business, consider whether:

  1. the layout is responsive;
  2. makes it possible to make SEO optimizations;
  3. the template is customizable;
  4. integrates with the main WordPress plugins;
  5. is up to date.

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Make sure the layout is responsive.

In addition to seeing the beauty of the design, also understand if it is adaptable to mobile devices and various screen formats.
As people are increasingly connected, it is common for them to access the internet through smartphones, tablets, and not just the computer. Be prepared for your website to offer the best mobile experience.

Check if you can make SEO optimizations.

It is very important that your website and blog are user-friendly SEO optimizations for search engines.

If you choose a theme that limits your settings that will help improve your chances of ranking in the search engine and even boosting the quality of your pages, you will have big problems.

Make sure your theme supports everything you need regarding SEO. A tip is to check if you have “SEO friendly” in the template description.

See if the template is customizable.

It makes no sense to use a theme that does not allow customization. This is because each business and project has its particularities. Choosing a template that allows you to adapt the pages and sections according to your needs is necessary.

Find out if it has integration with good plugins.

Os plugins do WordPress serve to broaden your possibilities to improve your site. A good example is that you can use the plugin de Google Analytics and get more practicality to track metrics daily.

That’s why it’s so important to check whether or not the theme you’re going to adhere to has integration with the best (and most necessary) plugins from the WordPress library.

Check if it’s an updated template.

Another very relevant point is the update of the template. WordPress is always updated, and your theme also needs to be so that there are no problems with the resources to be used and even with its security.

5 best WordPress themes for your corporate website and blog

Now that you know how to choose your template, I can give you tips on the best WordPress themes, but the following order does not indicate that one is better than the other. You will need to analyze what is best for your business in a personalized way.

1. Hestia (Free)

Hestia is one of the most popular WordPress themes. It’s free and has an attractive design and other interesting features. Allows integration with WooComerce’s online store plugin.

2. Epic (Payment)

Epic for WordPress is on the list for being the theme that meets all the requirements I listed above and even more for offering extra features that can make all the difference.

As the description on the website of the template itself already promises, it makes it easy to create your professional blog. After all, it has a responsive layout and great visuals with several different styles for a bold design — you’ll have a unique panel at your disposal to preview your changes in real-time.

Native integration with some of the top free WordPress plugins makes it even more attractive.

Regarding user experience, “Zen Mode” also stands out. This functionality allows readers to have a pleasant, distraction-free read.

One point that has drawn attention is that when you buy the Epic theme, you get a year of technical support, specialized tutorials, and frequent updates. In other words, if there is this type of appreciation with the theme’s client, just imagine the end-user experience!

3. Avada (Payment)

Avada is one of the highlights of ThemeForest for being one of the most downloaded themes. Different types of websites can use it, so it is very versatile, and one of the benefits is that it is very customizable. It also has an intuitive “drag and drops” builder.

4. Astra (Free)

Astra is a free responsive template with good customization possibilities. It brings several ways of modification; the best thing is that you can do everything easily. Another benefit is the integration with good WordPress plugins.

5. uDesign (Payment)

uDesign, as the name suggests, is a corporate WordPress theme with a beautiful look. In addition, it has a responsive layout and is customizable. Another important point is that it is an SEO-optimized and regularly updated template.


I hope you find the best one for your professional blog with all the tips on choosing between the different WordPress themes and the template suggestions.

Now it’s up to you. Make your choice, and then feel free to leave your feedback in the comments!


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