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WhatsApp: Call link on WhatsApp.. How to do it, how many days will it last?

Call link on WhatsApp

Like other video apps, WhatsApp hopes to introduce the WhatsApp group calling feature to a larger number of users. A new feature has been introduced for this purpose. So, what is that feature? Let’s have a look at its features.

Internet Desk: WhatsApp has introduced a new feature to users to allow more people to participate in a group call at the same time, similar to Zoom and Google Meet. WhatsApp has brought a feature called Create Call Link. This feature has already been made available to many users. WhatsApp says that this feature has been introduced with the aim of making the group calling feature more accessible to users, unlike other apps. So, how to use this feature..

  • Open the WhatsApp app and click on the calls icon on the chat page to see the Create call link feature.
  • If you click on it, Call Type – Audio/Video, Send Link Via WhatsApp, Copy Link, or Share Link options will appear.
  • Above all the link is created based on the call type selected by the user. The user can send the link to others via WhatsApp, copy or share it.
  • If other users click on the link, they will see two options, Join and Leave. You can participate in the group call by clicking on Join. Tech experts are of the opinion that the link once created by the user can be used for 90 days. There is no official information from WhatsApp on this.
  • It is also unclear how many people can participate in a group call at once through this link. As per the current update, 32 people can participate in WhatsApp at a time. It is reported that this number will be increased soon.
  • Recently WhatsApp has started testing to increase the number of group members from 512 to 1024. It seems that this feature will be introduced for group calling as well.

In addition, WhatsApp has introduced the Create Avatar feature to many Android users. With this feature, the user can create an avatar of his choice. Based on that, WhatsApp will give a new sticker pack to the user. Users can share the avatars in it with others and set it as a profile photo/DP.


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