Google and Apple companies will soon release new versions of the mobile OS. While Google is bringing Android 13, Apple has introduced iOS 16. These new versions of OS have similar features. Their details.

Internet Desk: Android and IOS operating platforms are one… it can be said that they are two different poles. Most of the smartphones in the world are working with these two mobile OS. While the new versions of Android 13 will be released soon, iOS 16 is already available to users. Although the respective companies say that these two OSes are unique, they have four similar features. Let’s see that.


The customization options available in Android are not available in iOS. But, the Apple company has been introducing new features in customization to the users since iOS 14. In the upcoming iOS 16, the user can change the home screen as well as the lock screen as per his liking. Google is also introducing customization features to users with the Material U theme in Android 13. With this, the user can change the app icons as well as the system color theme as he likes.


Usually the language of apps on the phone in English. Some apps are in regional languages. Users can change the app language in Android 13 and iOS 16 to enable users to use such things in a language they understand. On Android, if you long press on the app icon, you will see an option to select your preferred language. In iOS, you have to go to phone settings, open the app and make changes in the language section. This feature works only in some apps.

Focus mode

Both Android and iOS have a focus mode. It works differently in both OS. Features like Do Not Disturb, Driving, Personal, Sleep, and Work will be available in iOS Focus mode. Users can enable focus mode and select one of the above options.  Then you can go into the filter and decide what should appear in focus mode. And in Android focus mode, the user has the option to select the apps he likes. Thus, notifications from apps selected by the user through focus mode will not appear on the screen. Only visible when the user disables it again.


Voice to text.. This feature was introduced in Pixel phones with Android 12 OS released last year. Apple has introduced new iPhone users with updated features in iOS 16, even in iOS 15. Google will also make it available to general users with Android 13. With this feature, if the user taps on the mic icon and says the message he wants to type, it will be automatically typed in text form.

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Last Update: October 25, 2022

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