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Twitter: Tag in tweet.. must have permission

Twitter is rolling out a new feature as part of a user privacy update. Twitter hopes that this feature will further protect users’ personal privacy. Let’s know about that feature.

Internet Desk: With the rise in online harassment and cyber crimes, social media companies are focusing on providing advanced privacy features to users. In this background, Twitter will make another privacy feature available to users. So it depends on the decision of the respective users who can tag them in the tweet. Currently a user can tag another user by typing @personname (eg: @Twitter) in a tweet. With an upcoming privacy update, users won’t be able to tag others in a tweet or reply without their permission. With this, Twitter hopes that better privacy features will be available for users who manage public accounts. This feature which is in testing phase will soon be introduced to general users.

Introducing advanced features to bring users closer to using Twitter. As part of this, it is requested not to take a screenshot of the tweet. It suggests copying the tweet link or sharing the tweet instead. This feature, which is currently in the testing phase, will soon be introduced to users. Apart from this, it will bring a new feature to tweet three media files simultaneously with text, photo, video or gif. This feature is currently being tested with a limited number of users.



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