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Are there any benefits of using your own hosting than paid Hosting?

Are there any benefits of using your own hosting than paid Hosting?

It’s relatively easy to host a website on your own computer. In my view, the main problem is its practicality of it.

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  1. every website must be referenced by its IP address. Therefore, every server needs a FIXED IP address, which does not happen with residential connections.
    To solve the above problem, you can use applications like DynDNS, which detects your IP and redirects calls to an internet address (URL) to your dynamic IP – which can change every few hours or days.
  2. Your computer will need to be ON at all times. You never know if someone will be accessing your site, so it is chosen to keep the PC turned on straight away. One solution to this is the use of no breaks – and a more or less decent one for computers doesn’t cost less than $700.00.
  3. Ideally, your PC will need to be stable, without intermittent crashes or crashes. That’s why the servers in general use Debian Linux or if they are running Windows, one of the corporate versions, made with the intention of being more stable. It’s not necessary, but it’s important. (has a license cost, higher than a personal version)
  4. Access to your site needs to be fast. Imagine having about 5 people accessing your site. On a residential connection, the upload speed (turns into a download for those on the other side) here in Brazil ranges from 0.1 Mbps to about 5 Mbps. In any server, the speed is between 100mbps to 10000mbps depending on the company hired. (Update: if you have access to a fiber optic connection the upload goes to 20 to 50Mbps)

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  • electricity to keep a PC running 24/7: If CPU consumption is low, we’re at about 50 to 200W, constantly.
    We hit the 50W x 30 days x 24 hours mark = 36KWh minimum. At the cost of $0.91 per KWh, we arrived at $32.00 of electricity cost on the computer ONLY, whether desktop or notebook.
  • operating system maintenance. Unless you want to learn Linux (it’s free, but requires learning), you’ll incur an additional cost with a Windows license, in $.
  • simple web hosting can cost you as little as $10 or $20 per month. It’s simple, but that’s more or less what you’ll get by hosting the site on your home PC.

So, the maintenance cost already indicates that it is better to hire someone to host your website. Assuming that your website needs more and more resources, the cost of hosting outside increases, but your local cost would also increase a lot.

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I would say that only if your site needs A LOT more resources than a hosting can offer, it’s not worth messing with.

I myself host my systems in a company that rents an octa-core server with 32GB of RAM and 2 HDDs with 2TB of space, with a speed of 1000Mbps for EUR 42 or about $170.00 per month. What is the advantage of hosting at home or at the company? And the cost is high if you think of a simple website, but we have several promotion blogs and virtual stores that don’t go down more than once a year for a few minutes for maintenance. And daily backups of everything on the server.
So cost/benefit becomes cheap.
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