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WhatsApp: WhatsApp removed key feature in web version. New update for iOS beta users

After the update of privacy features, WhatsApp has disabled the feature in the web/desktop version which hinders the user’s privacy. On the other hand, the beta version of the key feature that users have been waiting for a long time has been made available to the users. Those are the details.

Internet Desk: WhatsApp recently introduced new privacy features for users’ personal privacy. As part of this, users cannot take a screenshot of the files sent through the View Once feature. But, in the desktop version, WhatsApp has found that the messages sent/received through Viewones are taking screenshots with the help of print screen or other tools. This has removed the View Once feature in the desktop version. This feature will no longer be available for desktop users. As a result, messages sent through Viewones will not be visible on the desktop/web version of WhatsApp. These can only be viewed on the mobile app.

WhatsApp has made the edit message feature available to iOS beta users. iPhone users can update WhatsApp iOS version and test this feature. Users have been demanding WhatsApp for a long time to have an edit message feature. Last month, WhatsApp revealed that it is bringing the message edit feature. An Edited label will appear next to the edited message. There will also be a time limit for editing the message.

A few days ago WhatsApp introduced many new features to the users. Of these, 32 people can make simultaneous voice/video calls, 2 GB file sharing, in-chat poll, and 1024 people can be added to the group.


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