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Why Twitter refusing take screenshots Is this the reason?

Why Twitter refusing take screenshots Is this the reason?

Twitter asks users not to screenshot tweets. Suggests copying tweet share or tweet link instead. Users are questioning why Twitter is making this suggestion.

If we like any tweet on Twitter, we will retweet it for others to see. If you want to share it with your friends and relatives, take a screenshot and send it to them. According to the latest information, Twitter is asking users not to take screenshots of tweets. Several tech tipsters suggested sharing the tweet or copying the tweet link instead. Currently, this suggestion is visible only to a few Twitter users. It is reported that the Share Tweet (Share Tweet) and Copy Link (Copy Link) features are being introduced to bring Twitter closer to the users.

“A few million tweets are shared from Twitter to other platforms every day. We are bringing share tweet and copy link features to make them accessible to users easily. If users share a tweet or copy and share a link instead of a screenshot, people who don’t have a Twitter account will click on them. With this, they also express interest in opening a Twitter account. We are currently testing this feature with iOS beta users. We will make it fully available to users soon,” a Twitter spokesperson told a tech news agency.

Twitter has been testing a new feature for the past month to allow people without an account to use Twitter. With this feature, even those who don’t have a Twitter account can tweet and follow up to 50 people. But, retweet and like features do not work for them. Twitter also brings the tweet edit button. After posting the tweet, the user can edit the tweet if they want to make any changes to it. Currently, this feature is available for iOS users in America. Twitter said that this feature will soon be introduced to users in all regions.


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