How to check the real website ranking | What are the web keywords Tools on Google?

The main goal of having a website It’s inevitable that people come to see it, right? Be it a sales website, news, blog, or any website. It would be useless if we only had a website but no traffic coming in at all. It’s like ordering coffee and waiting to melt. Like stylish clothes but no one wears them. One of the main channels people can access our website is the Search Engine Google. This is it, and we know that When we search for something on Google, it’s almost one pressed to the second page of getting on the first page of Google is a big dream for anyone who has a website and does it. SEO Today, we look at one of the most important aspects of SEO: checking the natural website ranking on Google.

But it’s not that we try to find our website on Google and then believe the ranking we can see with our eyes. Because it has a hidden secret! Search results on Google will also have a look at our history. Therefore, the website on the Google page may differ from person to person. and the important thing is searching from each area will produce different results. There are many opportunities for other districts, provinces, or countries. where the results are not the same. Let’s try and see where our website is. What is the ranking of our main keywords? In addition to being a starting point before starting SEO, it also helps us track the results of SEO Optimization.

Tips: Our web pages include search results on Google, also known as SERP or Search Engine Results Page. that comes up when we search for something 

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What are the 5 ways to check website rankings (free)?

  1. Also, check website rankings. Incognito Incognito Mode
  2. Check website rankings with Google Search Console.
  3. Check website rankings with Ahrefs.
  4. Check website ranking on serprobot
  5. Check website rankings with Semrush

Quickly check website rankings with Incognito.

using incognito mode or Incognito It allows us to search for information without our history affecting the search results. By the way, it’s the easiest. But it may take time to search for one word at a time. The easiest way is to open Google Chrome, click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and find the word “incognito mode” or Incognito Window. It can be a shortcut key. But don’t be too tight. (Shortcut, not fast!) You can press CTRL+Shift+N at the same time while you’re on the regular Google Chrome page. If you’re using Firefox, you can press Ctrl+Shift+P.

Once you have turned on incognito mode, you can go to Google and enter a search query to check your website’s ranking on Google. Cookies or Cache of us as a factor in the display; therefore, it is closer to the reality of ordinary people than searching through our accounts.

If we are just starting to do SEO and can’t find our website in the first 1-3 pages, clicking on each page may be a bit tiring. Therefore, this method is suitable for keywords already stuck on the first page, but the advantage is that we can check the ranking quickly and for free!

How to enter Incognito to check rank on Google
How to turn on incognito mode (Incognito)
How to spot Incognito for SEO
After entering Incognito, the top right corner will show a button to tell us that you are in incognito mode. You can search on Google.

Check your website’s ranking through Google Search Console.

Google Search Console (GSC) is a tool provided by Google to analyze data on our website. Organic Search Or accessing our website through a search on Google that does not pay for advertising, especially what we want to follow when doing SEO, Mee recommends that every website should have GSC installed in addition to Google Analytics. Because we will get detailed information in a word at all. Do that people come to our website from which word, how much is that word in the ranking? including an overview such as The number of impressions our website has (Impression), the total number of organic clicks on Google, and the Click Through Rate (CTR) or click rate when our website is displayed.

This information will help us make more strategic decisions to improve our website. For example, if our impressions are very high but our CTR is low, we make good SEO improvements until we are ranked. But there may be a headline that is not attractive, etc. But the limitation of Search Console is that we can’t check for words that are not ranked at all. or no impression at all (Impression = 0). Yes, it can only be checked if the word has at least one impression or at least one impression during that period.

Tips: Organic Traffic is organic advertising. No pesticides, eh! is someone who visits our website without paying for advertising. Or you can call it a free website visitor, sure enough. 

Google Search Console to check your ranking on Google SEO.
An example of how Google Search Console looks

How to install Google Search Console

Installing Google Search Console is not difficult at all. Let us login to Google with the same email account we use, Google Analytics, which must have Edit Access or Amnat Charoen Oh, the power to edit (Edit Access). Then put our web page into the right-hand box and then press Continue (if a programmer takes care of it. Let him install it for you. There are several methods. But like this, it’s super easy, I’ve never known~~~ If the song comes, we’re in the same era)

Afterward, Google will verify or confirm that we have permission to view this website. Scroll down to find Google Analytics and click Verify. But may have to wait 1-2 days for the information to start showing.

Check your website’s ranking with Search Console is the most recommended method. It’s free, easy to install, and has detailed information. and can look back at any time

How to use Search Console
Fill in the website
Verify owner on Search Console
Press Verify with Google Analytics.

Check keyword rankings on Google with Ahrefs.

The information we get from tools like Ahrefs is the top 3 websites of that word. For example, this website has a Domain Rating. How much is Blackpink (hey Backlink!)? How are you? It will help us analyze more data.

Keyword rank checker
Ahrefs Rank Check Example

If we want to know more information, such as information about the domain ratings of other websites. on the first page of competitors or want to keep track of our website rankings continuously, Set reminders to notify us often. I can apply for a fee. and try it for the first time for $7. All Ahrefs can be found in this article.

Check word placement in detail with SEMRush.

SEMRush is an easy-to-use SEO tool that we can use for free for one website, track 10 keywords, and update our rankings daily. You can set reminders to send emails. Or you can check by yourself; just go to then sign up. After that, we can create 1 Project by going to the menu. Position Tracking Enter the keywords you want. It will look like the one below. (Some sensors because it is information from customers that has not yet been disclosed.)

Tools like SEMRush will help keep track of our website’s ranking. Also, in this, there are various tools. For us to use more, such as Keyword Research or advice on how to improve the website. All information will be in English; if anyone doesn’t get stuck, find a double-sided tape; hey, try to use it.

SEMRush SEO Position Report
Sample data from SEMRush

Check website ranking for free on serprobot.

SERProbot is an English-language website. that we can check the Thai language website ranking without any problem. Just enter, Then select Region to Thailand. Enter Domain Name; it is our website. Then type the words that we want to check into it. You can enter a maximum of 10 words (who’s only up to 5 boxes, try to find the word Add more keywords), then the web will increase the rankings of our website. You can see that Melong enters strange terms such as water dripping onto the rock every day. The stone can only be a friend. These webmails won’t be in the Top 100, but keywords like Backlinks will be in the 5th place, which is similar to the use of Ahrefs checks.

This site is free and easy to use but doesn’t have much information. I recommend that it’s the best search console for anyone with a website. 🙂

Serp check Sample report from SERProbot

Summary of how to check website ranking on Google for free!

We can use several other tools to check our website rankings, such as whatsmyserp, My Rank Aware, and or SERPmojo, But all the five characters that the menu has chosen above are enough. Enough. Enough. Enough. I’m too tired, oh! It’s enough for use. If recommended, just use Incognito to periodically check your website’s ranking on Google. Then check with Search Console is enough, but if you are serious about SEO, look for tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs to help.

If anyone has additional questions, You can leave a comment. or come and talk to us on our Facebook Page of Mae. Or if anyone is interested in learning SEO courses together, thenSee more course information is here.

Can I check my website’s ranking by searching on Google?

If we search for a specific word on Google, we should get the answer, right? But Google often takes old search history. Come as a factor. For example, if we go to Lazada often, when we search for something, Lazada usually comes up first. Of course, we have to visit our website often, so the results from Google are not 100% reliable.

Is it possible to use Incognito Mode to check rankings for free?

It’s free to use. There are examples and how to use them in this article. along with many other tools

How often do I have to check my website rankings?

Mail usually checks at least a few times a day or if super busy. I want it to be once a week. Because the rankings may change at any time. If there is a problem with the website or Google has an update that affects us will know quickly.


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