Google Search Console Insights How To Create Great Content

Google is the most used search engine in the world. It is said that it takes up 80-90% of the market share. So it’s expected that everyone I want my website to be ranked on Google until it happens Search Engine Optimization or SEO is another line of marketing we are studying here. Google has released both Guidelines as a guideline for SEO. Along with many tools we can use for free, most recently, Google released Search Console Insights, a device that displays information about our website. It’s easier to see than Google Search Console or Google Analytics. Today we’re going to look at Search Console Insights and how we can use it to create great content.

If you care about SEO, From the experience of actual workers, Mei is teaching. Of course, in the class, there is a tutorial on how to use Google Search Console, too, focusing on really understanding. From the foundations, principles, and concepts to all, The story that teaches is updated until the last hour, plus there is an SEO Checklist to continue with confidence.

What is Google Search Console Insights?

Search Console Insights is a tool coming out of Google to enable Content Creators or website owners to see what kind of content people like. Which content promotion channel is suitable for us? so that we can understand the target audience and create better content by using data from both Google Search Console and Google Analytics to unite

This Search Console insight provides you with a summary of the information. No problem looking at the graph and not understanding what to do next. Or using tools and confused because there is too much data, this Search Console Insights allows us to use the information we collect more than ever before.

Example of an information screen on Search Console Insights.

How to get started with Google Search Console Insights

The Google Search Console Insights is not challenging to use. Google Console Search Insights web page, Then press on (blue button) to start working.

Google Search Console Insights screen
Google Search Console Insights screen

You can also access it through our Google Search Console Dashboard. There will be a banner on top like in the screenshot below.

Example of the Search Console Insights banner on the Google Search Console Dashboard.
Example of the Search Console Insights banner on the Google Search Console Dashboard.

Google Search Console must be installed first.

However, before we can use Search Console Insights, we must have Google Search Console installed on our website. Who doesn’t have a website? I recommend you to stick to it a lot, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, because it can tell you a lot of helpful information in SEO. Tell all about how our website is. Which word ranks? how do you change can look backward can view by country Well, you can watch a lot, and it’s also free. It’s okay to leave it behind and not use it. At least in the future, if we need information, we can come back and look at it.

Who hasn’t used it? Go to start the installation here. Mae secret wrote a summary of how to attach it here too; try it out. You can find information and install Google Search Console here. yes

Connect the Search Console with Google Analytics for complete information.

Google says we don’t need Google Analytics to view data on Search Console Insights, but linking your Search Console account to Google Analytics will help us see more comprehensive Search Console Insights data. The newly released GA4It doesn’t work with Search Console Insights yet, but the team is working on it.

Tips: try itHow to Connect Search Console with Google Analytics on Google Blog. I can do it

What can the data on Search Console Insights be used for?

For Search Console Insights, Google thinks that they want to answer these questions.

  • Which website content gets the most traffic and takes the longest time?
  • What content is trending lately?
  • Where do people find our content from?
  • Do people search Google to come to our website?
  • Which content helps link to us? and create the most traffic to the website for us

An example of using Search Console Insights to help you decide.

Let’s say we’re thinking about what channel we can do more marketing. We can now see where people access our website the most. To help us make decisions according to the needs of our business, such as

  • From the graph below, it can be seen that the Organic channel from SEO has the most traffic. It also spends the longest time on the web, so SEO can be a good channel for your business in the long run.
  • The number of visitors to the website from Social Media is considerably less time spent on the web. But almost two minutes wasn’t short. We may switch to shorter content. For channels that are posted on Social Media

Or if we see that people access our website from the Organic channel less than 10%, we may have to think about that. Why do we let a track that keeps generating traffic on the web? continuously in vain, It is also a way to generate traffic to the website for free. No advertising costs Maybe I’m starting to pay more attention to SEO.

Top Traffic Channels graph example on Search Console Insights
Top Traffic Channels graph example on Search Console Insights

Summary of Google Search Console Insights

This Google Search Console Insight came out. Start of limited testing from August 2020. Already, but in June 2021, it just began to be fully opened to the general public. This one is perfect for people who don’t have time to go through Google Analytics or Google Search Console all the time. It’s a ready-to-action summary for content creation. not complicated. If you want basic information, this one is great.


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