What is SEO? What is the core of Google’s algorithm? How is SEO done?

Want to increase website traffic? SEO is a very effective channel. So what is SEO? Why do you do SEO, and how to do SEO? Hello everyone,
In this article, I will introduce to you what SEO is. SEO is the abbreviation of search engine optimization. The translation is search engine optimization, optimizing your website to make your natural ranking higher in the search results. What is the benefit? The most intuitive way is to make it easier for your customers to find your search here. The main point of the engine is that Google is the leader of the search engine. Its market share is as high as 90%. So doing SEO is to make your website get the favor of the Google search engine so that he likes you and trusts you to solve people’s problems. In this age of information explosion, countless people worldwide use Google search every day to find the information they want. My ex-boyfriend changed his mind. Where there is a problem, there will be a search. So if SEO is done well, it can bring you high-quality free and continuous traffic. It is a precious treasure.

However, doing SEO also has its corresponding challenges. Because it is a process that takes time and effort, it usually takes more than six months to achieve initial results, which requires long-term investment. If you hire a professional to do it, it will cost you a fee. If you are interested, you can look at one of my previous articles comparing SEO and AdWords. You can compare which of these two operating methods is more suitable for you. Let’s take a look at how Google ranking works.

The entire online world has a lot of information beyond our imagination. The main job of Google’s search engine is to classify the various information scattered on the Internet into categories, similar to how librarians organize and index books for easy search. When users search for a particular keyword, what about Google? This contemporary information administrator provides users with the most relevant and helpful information. So how does Google do it? Through its powerful algorithms and databases, Google has not published its report yet. The specific algorithm But the core of all its algorithms is only one, which is his mission statement. It is a vision for the entire company.

Google has always emphasized the user experience because it knows that the lifeblood of its entire business lies in people’s willingness to use Google to search for answers, which is us. It is often said that traffic is king. Google’s entire business model can only be maintained if people find the satisfactory answer they want.

So when it determines your organic ranking, the most crucial point is whether your content is relevant to users. What does the help Google search page look like? Generally speaking, when we search for a question, Google’s search results page looks like this typically contains ads knowledge graph Featured Snippet People also ask Organic Result In addition to Google advertising, which is Google’s profit model, other These are all attempts by the librarian, Google, to present information to users in the most valuable and convenient form.

Let’s take a look at Ads first. Google ads are Google’s primary source of profit. Some of the content in the front will sometimes appear in the last few pages according to your bid. Let’s take a look at the organic results. Generally, the first page of Google search results occupies most of the traffic. The traffic of the three places accounts for 70%, respectively, the first place is 40%, the second place is 20%, the third place is 10%, maybe you will ask if it is the second page of Google, tell everyone a joke The second page of Google search results It’s the best place to bury a body Why because no one is looking! Once your rankings are pushed out of the second page, your search results are drastically reduced or even zero.

This is the brutal truth of Google’s organic rankings. We discussed Google before; There are more than 200 algorithm factors, and it does not disclose its specific algorithm. At present, everyone understands Google’s ranking through trial and error. The three most important factors are currently recognized as the most important factors. Is the first one your content? Relevance to search terms Google determines the ranking of your content to a large extent depending on the relevance between your content and people’s search terms.

That is to say; your content must contain people’s search terms or search terms. Words related to this content and people’s searches There is a very close relationship between words. The second one is whether your website structure is clear. The third important factor is whether your content is well-known and well-known. What does it mean? Everyone has to say that it is perfect. If the content of the same two articles is similar, which one ranks higher? Which one is cited by other websites? More articles. This is similar to a voting mechanism. It means that other websites think your content is good. If you link to you, your weight will be higher in Google’s eyes.

Based on what we said earlier, The optimization methods of SEO mainly include the first one is the internal optimization of the website, which involves the optimization of keywords. The second is the optimization outside the website, mostly because others want to give you links, which we call backlinks. Some suggestions include establishing a relatively good relationship with your related industry and mutual trust. This is like setting a relationship and establishing trust between people.

Whether you can share their articles, they can also share your articles; this is a process of mutual benefit, or the content you write is excellent, or you finally made your content based on a lot of research, or Your content is direct to the consumer’s psychology. It is content worth sharing, And if you invest your energy or financial resources, it must be a long-term sustainable traffic strategy to help you grow. If you have seen this, please like this article so that the website will remember your preferences, and Let this article let more people see the good,


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