The 10 best free platforms for you to create your blog

If you master a subject, want to write more about it, and don’t want to invest initially, you are undoubtedly looking for the best free platform to create your blog. Keeping a website running is not as simple a task as it seems, but several services make this process as easy as possible.

Despite this, today’s main website creation platforms offer numerous features for customization, which make them capable of providing any type of service to those who use them.

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That way, you can write about almost any subject without worrying too much about the more technical parts. So, check out below a list of 10 free tools for you to exercise your creativity and create your blog.

Perhaps the world’s leading free blogging service, WordPress offers a plethora of features for anyone who wants complete control not only of the content they post on their blog but also of access to statistics, advanced customization, widget support, comments, and everything else. It has advanced tools for everything you want to do, but it’s also a great option for anyone who just wants a place to write and nothing else.

Maybe you don’t see Tumblr as a blogging platform, but it is. If most pages hosted on the service have an image-sharing footprint, Tumblr doesn’t disappoint when the focus is on posting texts and videos, with everything a good tool of the type needs to have.

It’s just not possible to say that WordPress is the main blogging platform in the world because of Blogger. On the other hand, the service Google offers a series of advanced features that can be customized manually and presents a robust and understandable structure for those who want to make their posts and create websites.

A tool that has been growing recently, Weebly also has advanced features for creating and managing your blog. You can do many things in it, from choosing a theme to organizing your posts as needed. Therefore, it is possible to define what your page will look like and adjust it according to the type of content that will be published.

Medium is not a conventional blogging platform like the previous ones, so it is impossible to customize the look or add widgets. However, it is one of the great text-sharing services in the world today and has a fantastic look and focus on reading. In addition, it allows adding images and even creating a network of friends. It is a social network dedicated to text in which all your publications will be displayed in a single profile.

See a list of 10 options and choose the best blogging platform

Another complete option that offers advanced features is Wix. Creating layouts using the drag-and-drop principle makes the website builder so intuitive, which is the option to drag and drop components. As a result, you can create a fully functional blog with a very professional look.

Textpattern is one of the most affordable and practical tools for blogging. Therefore, it is widely used for those who do not need to use as many resources as there are in WordPress or the other platforms listed above. One of the excellent uses of Textpattern, for example, is to create a portfolio if you are a designer.

Known to many as WordPress’s main rival, Joomla offers many exciting features to create a user-friendly and responsive interface. In addition to being easy to use and being able to be used to build different websites and blogs, the platform is also excellent for creating e-commerce platforms.

Although it is not that popular in Brazil, Drupal is an excellent option for creating corporate blogs. With high-quality features, one of its biggest differentiators is its response time, crucial in a website nowadays, and its security mechanisms.

Pyro is an excellent option for those who want a personal blog, as its entire layout can be done natively and intuitively. Overall, the platform is a perfect option for anyone who wants to create a simple blog since, to go beyond that, paid extensions are costly for what they offer.

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What is the best blogging platform?

Listing the best blogging platform is a difficult task because, as seen above, each one has different features and even purposes. Some options are more general and allow for greater scalability, while others are simpler and great for personal blogs that don’t want to grow.

Platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are great for those who want to take the activity to a more professional level, but others like Tumblr are aimed at those who want to write something more informally. Finally, for those who want to create a portfolio, Textpattern is an excellent choice.

Therefore, looking at it from this side, it is important to think that the best option is the one that best meets your needs. Then evaluate the available options and see which one will meet your demands. Finally, you can change the tool if you notice that it is not doing well.

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Last Update: September 14, 2022